Trekonderoga 2018

TBA, 2018
Retrofilm Studios
Ticonderoga, New York
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Created by James Cawley, Trekonderoga in Ticonderoga, NY, is a long-running star trek and pop culture convention, hosted in the fall. Sponsored Denton Publishing, and Alpha: 2017, Trekonderoga features celebrity guests, the Star Trek: TOS Set Tour, hours of workshops and panels, and a large exhibition and vendors area, dedicated to delivering you the rarest of the rare pop culture merchandise, as well as art and artisan grade crafts.

Guests appearing at Trekonderoga include Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov,) Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura,) Eddie Paskey (Mr. Leslie,) Lee Meriwether (Lorisa,) Mary Linda Rapelye (Irina Galliulin,) BarBara Luna (Lieutenant Marlena Moreau,) Charlie Brill (Arne Darvin,) and Michael Dante (Maab). All celebrities will be at the event for its duration, will be participating in panels, signing autographs, and posing for celebrity photo-ops!

Confirmed Vendors include the Author, Blogger, and Ghost Enthusiast, Tara Theresa Hill, The Crystal Rock Artisan Jim Pecora, Author of Magic Teacher’s Son David Harten Watson, and Freakopolis Geekery, a family oriented shop that specializes in board games, role-playing games, collectible card games, comics, and merchandise.

Split into two tracks, science and non-science, Trekonderoga has arranged for a wide swath of presenters, to provoke, entertain, amaze, and educate. Non-Science presenters include Samuel Cockings and Stuart Foley of the web series Trekyards, Star Trek author Dave Galanter, pop culture event planner Joey Gates, Costuming and makeup professional Brian Holloway, and professional model and prop maker Ed Miarecki. Presenters in the Science Track include Dr. Ronald Held, Dr. Matthew Szydagis, and Dr. Willie Yee.

Trekonderoga is home to some of the world's best reproduction sets, from Star Trek: TOS and tours of them will be held daily. Tours will be held by Trekonderoga organizers, however; special tours and photo ops will also be hosted by Walter Koenig and James Cawley. Of course, you truly haven’t experienced the wonder of these amazingly crafted, and accurate, sets, until you take the Moonlight tour, where the general lighting is down, and the on-set effects are ramped up!

Unlike many other conventions, the organizers of Trekonderoga get their hands dirty, This year, not only will James Cawley be presenting at Trekonderoga, but he will also be performing his world famous Elvis impersonation, alongside his band The Longboards, on Saturday night! This concert is a public event and is a wonderful way to kick off the festivities at Trekonderoga. So, If you are in Ticonderoga, NY, this fall 2017, be sure to stop in at Trekonderoga! Filled with music, celebrities, and the world's best-recreated sets, Trekonderoga is the perfect family friendly weekend for Trekkies and lovers of all things pop-culture!