Khan-Con 2018

TBA, 2018
Woodlawn Intermediate School
Woodlawn, Virginia
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Khan-Con is a science fiction and pop culture mini-convention hosted in Woodlawn, Virginia, since 2015. Featuring Vendors artists, and cosplay, this convention doubles as a fundraiser for a boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This Fall, 2013, marks the return of Khan-Con, for its third year, and it will feature Panels, Games, Cosplay, Vendors, Exhibitions, and Artists!

Cosplay guests attending Khan-Con 3 include the Wytheville Ghostbusters, the 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist, Mandalorian Mercs, and Star City Cartman. Artists and writers include Matari Bain, from Greensboro, NC, Author Crystal Raen, Independent Publishing House Mean Ink, Critical Hit Creations, Founder of Astronomical Comics Dan Delby, Owner of MadLab Studio Brian Funk, and artist and creator g.paul.r. Vendors appearing at Khan-Con 3 include the prolific steampunk creator Clockwork Kestrel, CTG Fanatics, DreamPunk Press, Geek Corps, Pale Blue Dot Crochet, Pop Culture, Wood N links, and Frank’s Cool stuff!

Hosted in a school, Khan-Con features an all age cosplay contest, panels held by guests, and students, games for everyone, autograph signings, and the chance to meet new friends that share common interests with you. Guests will be offering autographs and performing on-site, to provide entertainment, as well as participating in panels and workshops designed to entertain and educate. Other events going on include screenings of classic Sci-fi, Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and of course the comedy styling of Eric Cartman… who promises to keep his character acting pg-13!

If you are in Woodlawn Virginia this 2017 fall, be sure to check out Khan-Con. This one-day min-convention is a fun way to spend the day with friends and family, and supports a great cause! Come for the Con, and stay for the community!