Confluence 2018

TBA, 2018
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Confluence is a full weekend (Fri-Sun) Conference with a focus on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, in literary, musical and visual arts. Part of our literary programming focuses on publishing, editing and general writing skills for authors that wish to pursue publishing with an agent and publishing house or for Indie publishing.

During the three-day weekend, guest can attend, readings and educational panel presentations with authors, music concerts, poetry readings, autographing sessions, writing workshops, literary beer author discussions, writing exercises, beer tasting and science presentations. We have an art show, a dealers room, and a hospitality suite where members can relax, find refreshments or just chat with guest authors and other members of the conference. What sets Confluence apart from other Literary Conferences and Conventions is the full weekend music track.
Check out our website for more information on Confluence! Pittsburgh's best three-day SF/F/H Literary, Music and Art Conference!

Confluence is a part of Parsec, a 501c3 organization.