PAX East 2018

TBA, 2018
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
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PAX East is massive – no other words can describe it! It’s a three day riotous festival of games and gaming culture. Panels, exhibitors, developers and publishers, tournaments, a LAN party and much, much more make this convention the success it is!

As with previous years, this year features the now infamous Omegathon, a festival long tournament consisting of a group of randomly selected attendees competing for a grand prize. The final round of the Omegathon makes up the closing ceremony! The tension for this event mounts to fever pitch throughout the weekend! There may even be cheerleaders this year – that’s how big it is!

There are massive areas set aside for PC, and handheld, games, and in the Exhibit Hall important industry people could make your dreams come true – take along your ideas, your half finished projects and get their honest opinion. They may even spot someone worth investing in – many famous games, books, and characters were seen here first, and picked up. There are also plenty of unreleased games for you to preview – games no one else has played before, you could be the first!

Live music has always been a part of this event, and with the ‘nerdcore’ genre becoming more widely known and accepted, this proves ever more popular year after year at PAX East.

The tabletop area has everything for every level of gamer – from hardcore Dungeons & Dragons through to Bananagrams, the library is fully stocked, and will easily keep you occupied for the entire weekend. It is all free to play, and there will be many gamers wanting to build up teams – so it’s easy to join in.

PAX East is fabulous, loud, vibrant and full of energy – it is an absolute must on your calendar!