Dublin Comic Con 2018

TBA, 2018
Convention Centre Dublin
Dublin 1, Ireland
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Despite being relatively new, having its first even in 2013, Dublin Comic Con has quickly grown to be one of the biggest comic conventions in Ireland. Each year since its conception, they have attracted more sponsors, vendors, exhibitors and guests. Now, for its 4th year, DCC is returning to Dublin this fall!

DCC has a vast area dedicated to Interactive Sets, such as space bases, Skyrim, and zombie attacks! These are not only fun to explore, but also offer excellent photo opportunities both in and around the sets (if you make it out alive.) DCC also includes a large area dedicated to the collection and display of movie props and costumes, where you can fin screen items from Battlestar, Underworld, Avengers and much more. Each year the collection of props and sets grows, making these events truly unique, and a must see!

A major part of any convention is the Trade Hall! This year, DCC’s Artists and Craft Alley have over 50 tables each, offering exquisite works of art, commissions, sculptures, resin kits, and more. The exhibition area includes vendors from all around Europe, who have brought music, anime, comics, manga, figurines, props, just to name a few, as well as international corporations like HTC, Universal Music, and Pulse College! The Trade Hall is the perfect place to meet artists, and exhibitors, while picking up some incredible merchandise!

Dublin Comic Con has teamed up with Pulse College to create, and present, Game On DCC. This area includes workshops, seminars, e-sports, VR, arcades, tournaments, and matches of Doom DM with the Legendary designer, and ID co-creator, John Romero! Game on DCC is an excellent opportunity for both gamers, and developers alike – and for those in-between looking to make the jump from gaming, to design. It will include a Developer Zone, a Talk Zone, and a Play Zone! HTC will be giving live demos of the Vibe as well, allowing you to experience VR like never before!

This year, the 451 media group is sending their Director of Production Jessica Gentile to DCC to review the portfolios of artists and writers! Writers and artists who submit their art or treatments will have the opportunity to receive tips, advice, and even get ‘found’ by a major company!

Spectators, sponsors, and participants alike have nothing but rave reviews about DCC’s Comic Contest! Each year, the 2000 seat venue is filled, providing a spectacular showcase of costumers, and cosplayers. Participants in the competition have the opportunity to earn a variety of prizes, including cash, learn tricks from other competitors, and prove to the world you are the best at what you do! It, of course, doubles as an awesome opportunity to make lifelong friends!

An annual charity auction or raffle is held as well, giving attendees the chance to get ahold of donated exclusives, products, autographed memorabilia, and screen used props! This year all money earned will be donated to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital. More so, the Wasteland Karnival (a post-apocalyptic interactive area) will be donating all funds to Childline! Be sure to visit these areas to not only get some great gear for yourself but help a great cause!

If you are a fan of comicdom, gaming, anime, and pop culture, then Dublin Comic Con is THE event you cannot afford to miss out on this fall!