5th Annual Cosplay Picnic 2018

TBA, 2018
Boston Common
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New England Cosplay Community is a non-profit organization that has brought cosplay related events to the pop-culture scene in Boston, Massachusetts, for the last five years. Kicking off the fall 2017 season is NECC’s Fifth Anniversary Cosplay Picnic, an awesome, free, outdoor cosplay event, that features food, games, door prizes, contests, and live entertainment!

Food is crucial to any Picnic, and NECC does not disappoint, along with the normal variety of on-site food options, NECC members are sure to staff their own picnic booth, offering cosplay themed delicacies and drinks. There are also craft and game booths at the cosplay picnic, where you can buy homemade crafts, as well as enter the raffles, and trade ideas with fellow costumers!

Guests to the Fifth Anniversary Cosplay Picnic are welcome to bring cameras, but professional photographers will be on site as well, offering great opportunities for photo-ops with your friends. Photographers will also be covering the Cosplay Catwalk, Cosplay Contest, as well as Cosplay Deathmatch!

The Fifth Anniversary Cosplay Picnic is a relaxed meet & greet event hosted by the NECC. While there are competitions, contests, and sales, the picnic is an informal gathering, which offers a chance to get out in your cosplay gear, meet like-minded friends, and for NECC to provide community outreach. This is an all day, weather permitting, event, and a wonderful way to wind down from the summer season, before heading back to school. If you are in Boston this fall, by yourself, or with your friends and family, be sure to spend a day in the park, at New England Cosplay Community’s Fifth Annual Cosplay Picnic!