Greenberg's Great Train & Toy Show - Wilmington 2018

TBA, 2018
Shriners Auditorium
Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Greenberg’s Great Train and Toy Shows are bringing one of their spectacular locomotive events to Wilmington, Massachusetts for two diesel-fuelled days in November 2016. Shriners Auditorium will play host to the event, which is guaranteed to be the perfect occasion for lovers of anything train-related!

If you’re looking to add to your collections of trains, you’ll be more than tempted here! You can expect over 400 tables of trains for sale and more than 90 exhibitors from all over the USA. On sale will be a range of old classics, new stuff, retro engines, bargains, unique and unusual treasures and much more. There will also be other non-train collectibles and toys on offer for those seeking to broaden their horizons!

The show will feature a range of workshops and demonstrations to help you improve your craft. These will include an introduction to digital command control, how to make models with a 3D printer, making scenic mountains, the use and incorporation of tramways and buses, how to weather buildings and top tips on how to make your sets look as realistic as possible.

Great model sets will also be on display, with groups such as NMRA Hub Division, South Shore Hi-Railers, North East N-Trak and loads more exhibiting and discussing their very best sets. These displays will be of a variety of different styles, sizes and types.

Other attractions will include a free test track to run your own trains, kid-friendly model trains for tots and tykes, a riding train for all ages, the interactive slot car racetrack, prizes, giveaways and more!

So it’s the perfect event for engine enthusiasts of any description. Add to your collection, pick up a new hobby or simply indulge your railway fantasies. Get on the platform for Wilmington and join the fun!