Greggo Appearances 2017

July 8, 2017 by Daniel Allen
Greggo Appearances 2017

Greg Wicker, known to his fans simply as Greggo, has been prolifically hosting spoof game shows at conventions, since 1999. First inspired by an underwhelming jeopardy host at A-Kon, Greggo knew he could do it better, did, and has never stopped developing his technique, technology, and games offered. Aside from his natural skill, ability, and dedication, Greggo attributes much of his breakthrough success to his father’s career at Delta Airlines, which enabled him to travel quickly and cheaply to conventions around the states, and the strong bonds he made with conference organizers in his early years.

To this day, Greggo has brought his spin on TV game shows to nearly 1000 conventions and is continually improving and adding new games to his lineup of shows. Up until 2002, all of his shows were run by the manipulation of ingeniously rigged, CHEAP, props, which were as corny as they were effective, and a 32mb mp3 player. Despite the cheapness, Greggo’s skill as a presenter and a host ensured his shows ran smoothly, and that crowds were awestruck by the performances.

After 2002, Greggo began to implement a custom Flash application for his games, which allowed for audience interaction, a crisper look to his game shows and enabled Greggo to spend less effort managing props and more time entertaining fans and running shows. Chances are if you have been to an Anime Gameshow, even if the show was not hosted by Greggo, the hosts were using the software he has painstakingly developed, and continues to grow, over the last 15 years.

Mr. Wicker attends nearly 20 shows a year, and at the time of this article, is slated to appear in 8 more shows this 2017. Findcons has reached out to Greggo himself, and he kindly provided a schedule of his upcoming appearances. If you have never seen an anime game show or were underwhelmed by ones you have seen, be sure to stop in at one of these upcoming 2017 anime conventions, to experience his amazing and constantly evolving performances.

Anime Blues Con 2017

Anime-zing! 2017

AnimeFest 2017

San Japan 2017

Tri-Con 2017

Tsubasacon 2017

Anime Blast Chattanooga 2017

DerpyCon 2017