Upcoming Comic Conventions 2017

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo
Oct 27-29, 2017
Los Angeles, California
Stan Lee Comikaze is one of the famous expo owned by a famous pop legend know as Stan Lee. The event was initiated with the purpose of celebrating the pop culture by bringing pop fans from different parts of the world together through various entertainment platforms. Stan Lee and Elvira made an effort to research on different regions of the world, conventions, and local shows and created the Comikaze.
The event has over time hosted a variety of artists and vendors who deal with exceptional in entertainment. It includes the unique comic materials, art and toys found in the arena. The convention usually is hosted every year with a list of exclusive workshops that train aspects like stage fighting and comic writing. Fans of fantasy, comic, video games and arts are usually the major target of the convention.
The Comikaze Exp...
Wizard World Comic Con Oklahoma City
Oct 27-29, 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Wizard World Oklahoma City is back, and this three-day event is bringing with it celebrities from the best science fiction, Comic, Horror, and Pop Culture shows! Traveling across North America, this St. Louis based company has been delivering hard hitting entertainment and excitement since its conception 2011! Featuring Celebrities, Cosplay, Vendors, Exhibitions, Gaming, and more, Wizard World Oklahoma City is sure to be the pop culture extravaganza of the year!
Guests attending Wizard World Oklahoma this 2017 include, Val Kilmer of Batman Forever, Top Gun, and The Saint; Ernie Hudson of The Crow, Ghostbusters, and Oz; Jewel Staite of Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis, and Warehouse 13; Loren Lester and Kevin Conroy of Batman: The Animated Series. James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, and Emma Caulfield of Buffy th...
Central Canada Comic Con
Oct 27-29, 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba
C4 Is one Canada’s most epic conventions, and it’s coming back to Winnipeg, Manitoba this October. This will be the 22nd annual C4, and just like past years, they are going to draw in some amazing guests!
This year’s special guests include William Shatner, who will be doing photos and autographs, but that’s not all. Attendees will also get to see Tia Carrere, John Rhys-Davies, Debi Derryberry, Lee Arenberg, Mark Pellegrino, Vic Mignogna, and Aleks Paunovic.
Of course, it wouldn’t be Comic Con Winnipeg without some awesome comic artists such as Michael Zeck, John Beatty, Nen Chang, James O’Barr, Michael Golden, Ashleigh Popplewell and plenty more.
If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further than the Holodeck Follies comedy improv show based on the Star Trek universe.
Of course there’s more t...

Upcoming Gaming Conventions 2017

North Bay Virtual Reality Expo
Oct 27-28, 2017
San Jose, California
Bay Area Virtual Reality Expo is the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest consumer inclusive virtual reality expo! We’ve heard your wishes for more public presence in VR convention spaces, and now we’re inviting you to come showcase your games and gear in a setting for developers and consumers alike. Bay Area VRX offers a weekend of experiences and exhibitions dedicated to the cutting-edge entertainment technology of the future! In addition, if any attendee or exhibitor who comes to Bay Area VRX is also invited to the Famous Monsters Halloween Bash, an exciting Halloween party on the same weekend, at no additional cost!...
Oct 27-29, 2017
Atlantic City, New Jersey
People in the indie game developer communities might recognize Gameacon from last year. That’s right, the convention for game devs all over the world is back for its second year in Atlantic City with a new panel! The venue this year will be the Tropicana Casino and Resort, in late October.
Gameacon is special as far as cons go – it’s made especially to help indie game developers network and interact with each other, and possibly even learn some new tricks. The first two days are strictly for people in the industry, with a seminar featuring speakers from Microsoft, Serial Lab, SmArtist, Google’s Cloud team, and the International Game Developers Association.
For those of you not in the industry, don’t feel left out. The main Expo will run for two days and is open to the general public, with cosplay contests, the...
MineCon Earth
Nov 18, 2017
Live, Online
Minecon 2017 has been announced! Now going under the moniker MineCon Earth, MineCon will soon be coming to a computer near you! That is right, Minecon Earth will be a 90-minute live stream event held November 18th, 2017, starting 17:00 GMT. No expensive tickets, no lineups, just you and your friends, is all that’s needed to participate in this once in a lifetime, never before done, Minecraft Experience!
Minecon Earth encourages viewer participation, and will include all the things that make Minecon great, like celebrities, gamers, crafters, and costumes, in a whole new format! Costumers are welcome to compete in Minecon Earth’s costume contest, with the best creations being featured during the event, for the entire world to see! Celebrity YouTubers will be on hand during Minecon Earth, participating not just in the strea...

Upcoming Anime Conventions 2017

Oct 27-29, 2017
Portland, Oregon
Kumoricon is a three-day anime and manga convention held annually in Portland, Oregon since 2003. This year, in October 2016, it will be filling the Oregon Convention centre with a whole range of kooky Japanese fun! Each year, the convention offers cosplay, gaming, workshops, karaoke, competitions, dances, music, events and panels to thousands of avid kawaii anime fans!
The very special guests of honour this year will include designer Shigeto Koyama, writer Hiromi Wakabayashi (both of Studio TRIGGER fame), voice actors D.C Douglas, Caitlin Glass and Sonny Strait, musician Kieran Strange and more! Come along, meet some legends and take home some autographs!
Cosplay is of course encouraged, so come along dressed as one of your anime idols and impress other guests with your innovation and style! You are also welcome to ente...
Bakuretsu Con
Oct 27-29, 2017
Colchester, Vermont
This family friendly anime convention has been running for fifteen years, and is packed with everything a manga and anime fan could ever want to see.
From board gaming and Bakuretsu (meaning ‘exploding’ in Japanese) Bingo to live action roleplay (LARP), a manga library and a Japanese inspired cafe – it is an impressive collection of activities set over two days.
The panels, consisting of discussion, talks and Q&As and hosted by guests or dedicated fans, are a chance to network, and get your opinion heard; subjects could include cosplay costumes, Japanese culture and art, writing, industry hints and tips, and so on.
Scott Melzer, director of NoN.D.E. Fanfilms, and actress Caitlynn French, are just two of many guest’s who will be appearing on the panels, taking workshops and mingling with fans. The Cat’s ...
Nov 3-5, 2017
Hampton, Virginia
NekoCon is a feast for the senses – this three day festival is Virginia’s oldest anime convention. Neko is Japanese for ‘cat’, and there will be all manner of Cosplay kitties attending. Running annually since 1998, it just gets bigger and better every year.
With art shows, autograph sessions, and a fashion show, the action continues with karaoke, gaming competitions, and guest panels. There is plenty of unique merchandise in the vendor’s hall, and chances to complete your collections with a massive array of dealers ready to deal. Q&A sessions, workshops and enough guests to keep you star gazing forever – in fact, the days, and evenings, are jam packed with events and activities.
From colourful Cosplay to the elegant calm of a Japanese Tea Ceremony and a host of impressive guests from the world of anime and ...

Upcoming Sci-Fi Conventions 2017

Mar 16 - , 2018
Tulsa], Oklahoma
Science and The Arts are intertwined and have been since the beginning of Humankind’s journey. Imagination and science drive each other to ever greater heights, heights far beyond anything we could have thought of even a few years ago. CrashLanded has been built to support and reinforce this marriage. We want to inspire more people to become and support scientists, mathematicians, filmmakers, artists, and writers … all while having a fun filled weekend. ...
Windy Con
Nov 10-12, 2017
Lombard, Illinois
Being a more intimate event than others, there is plenty of room and time to mingle with your heroes! It is still Chicagoland’s oldest convention, however, and at its heart is a literary event, although it covers a massive range of subjects including astrophysics, costuming techniques, and pop culture.
There are two art shows and dealers rooms, workshops, demonstrations and guest panels, and in the evening the party extends to showcase other conventions, clubs and events – often complete with free giveaways and promotional merchandise! It becomes a social whirlwind of meeting and greeting!
There is an Art Auction where you can bid on original works by your favourite artists, and the Saturday Soiree means you can wear your finest Garden Party Attire, eat, drink and be merry with those artists.
The Youth Room is ...
Nov 10-12, 2017
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Back for its 79th year in operation, PhilCon is planning its events to take place later in 2016. Located in the city of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, PhilCon is the first and oldest running sci-fi convention in the world. Traditionally showcasing events on the subjects of science fiction, fantasy and horror, PhilCon has since expanded its horizons and now hosts an even broader range of panels to appeal to geeks of every persuasion. This year's list of guests is comprised of several accomplished and renowned sci-fi, horror and fantasy authors; at this time, though, the website has no information on event scheduling. As of now, there is some information on tabletop gaming (essentially, the policy is bring your own games or join a group and learn to play one) and there should be plenty of family-friendly programming. Expect a full range...